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CarbonChain for
Offset Providers

Accurate calculations for accurate compensations

Measure your customer’s carbon footprint

Quantify supply chain emissions for accurate offsetting

Businesses are turning to offsetting in the face of the climate emergency, to tackle the emissions they can't yet reduce. Despite the clear opportunities for offset providers, there are also significant risks — with rising scrutiny on greenwashing, an increasingly competitive market, and demands for faster decarbonization.

CarbonChain helps you provide solutions for your customers with clarity and confidence. Our carbon accounting platform quantifies your customers’ supply chain emissions at an unrivaled level of accuracy and granularity, so you can provide offsets that they and their stakeholders can trust.

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How CarbonChain helps you

Get the data you need for the net-zero transition

CarbonChain gives you access to one the world’s largest carbon inventories, filling the gap for granular emissions data in the agriculture and extractive (oil and gas, metals and mining) supply chains.

We’ve built a platform tailored for the industry.

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Accurate, asset-level insights

Measure and break down your customer’s carbon footprint. Get comprehensive, asset-level emissions data in near real-time for the end-to-end supply chain. With highly accurate calculations, you can help customers avoid overspending on excess purchases, and ensure all unavoidable emissions are offset.

Show leadership

Give stakeholders impartial, auditable, and certified emissions reports that they can trust. Gain competitive advantage by providing credible offsets based on verifiable data, to help companies enhance their reporting and meet their climate targets.

Protect your reputation

Under increased scrutiny of offsets, improve your credibility and accountability, and build stakeholder trust. You and your customers can track the impact of offsets on our cloud-based, AI-powered, automated platform over time, to fulfill reporting demands and improve.

Why take action?

Prepare for a rapidly changing market

To meet our urgent global climate goals of halving greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 and reaching net-zero by 2050, it’s critical to decarbonize the highest-emitting sectors.

To help get there, offset providers need to enable customers across the value chain (from companies to freight firms to financial institutions) to accurately offset their unavoidable emissions, while they decarbonize their value chains. But global supply chains are complex, and carbon data for critical industries (extractives, transport, and agriculture) is extremely challenging or impossible to obtain with completeness, timeliness and accuracy.

Scrutiny on greenwashing and on the impact of offsetting is increasing. Guidance is tightening on the use of offsets in net-zero targets. Meanwhile, demands for transparency are soaring.

To tackle these risks and gain competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market of offset providers, CarbonChain enables you to provide robust and accurate carbon offsetting that helps accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy.

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The CarbonChain process

How it works

Upload your data

We help gather your customers’ supply chain documentation (essential information only). We set you both up on our platform, fast.

Get your footprint and insights

CarbonChain creates a detailed, accurate emissions report, with the help of our comprehensive, granular emissions database and AI-powered automation. CarbonChain lets your customers identify and tackle carbon hotspots, while helping you offer them trusted offsets.

Track and progress

Our cloud-based, cost-effective platform automates your and your customers' ongoing carbon accounting. 

Ready to manage your carbon footprint?

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