Measure emissions with confidence

Automate your carbon accounting. Make data-driven decisions, across your entire supply chain.
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Bulletproof Accuracy

Trust the numbers. No guesswork. CarbonChain measures your supply chain emissions at scale, using a third-party verified methodology and an independent granular database covering 80% of global emissions.

map hotspot and benchmarks
Map Hotspots and Benchmark
Get insights, not just numbers. Rate your performance against industry standards and pinpoint risky hotspots.
trade portfolio emissions
Trade Portfolio Emissions
Calculate the emissions generated across your entire commodity trading activity or trade finance portfolio.
product carbon footprint
Product Carbon Footprint
Uncover the carbon intensity and absolute emissions of each product in your inventory.
corporate emissions inventory
Corporate Emissions Inventory
Gain a comprehensive view of your company's Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, to inform your reduction strategies.
The CarbonChain Difference

Auto-fill your Data Gaps

Get accurate figures for your supplier emissions, not broad-based estimates.

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Granular & Auditable

CarbonChain measures your emissions from the ground up, prioritizing asset-level emissions factors and transparent data quality.
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Built for scale

We handle your complex raw data with security and ease. CarbonChain’s software is designed for speed and efficiency, ingesting your vast datasets to provide actionable carbon insights.
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Fast carbon accounting, without compromising on accuracy. CarbonChain uses machine learning to save you time and effort, with continuous data validation by in-house experts.
The integrity of carbon accounting and the data behind it is very important to us as a trader. We find CarbonChain’s product and methodology to be the best in class in our industry. We and our stakeholders trust it and use it daily.
Andreas Schmitz,
COO & Global Head Corporate Finance, Concord Resources Limited
Industry Experts

Validated, cutting-edge methodology

Following international carbon accounting standards, CarbonChain’s methodology v0.94 has been independently validated by SGS and verified by Bureau Veritas.

Your toolbox for the transition.

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