Set targets for the transition

Decarbonize your products. De-risk your supply chains. Unlock the rewards.
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Plan with Precision

Chart your course to the net-zero future. Collaborate with stakeholders on the CarbonChain platform to model and set targets, then track and achieve them. Unlock immediate and long-term benefits, from interest rate discounts to growth in market share.

informed targets
Informed Targets
Set and track emissions reduction targets that align your business with climate goals — and your products with customer demand.
robust kpis
Robust KPIs
Model and define key performance indicators appropriate for your goods or trades, from portfolio intensity to carbon ratings.
sustainable finance
Sustainable Finance
Develop and sign sustainability-linked loan agreements with trade finance providers, facilitated by CarbonChain.
cost of carbon
Cost of Carbon
Mitigate carbon pricing risks by screening suppliers and assets, while engaging existing suppliers to lower emissions via the CarbonChain platform.
The CarbonChain Difference

Target What Matters

Climate action and transition plans are only as strong as the data that populates them. CarbonChain counts the carbon with bulletproof accuracy, while you cut the carbon and reap the rewards. Unlike solutions that rely on average-based estimates, CarbonChain reveals exactly where the biggest reduction opportunities lie in your specific supply chains.

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Unparalleled Accuracy

World-class carbon accounting software that equips you with reliable and verifiable data, revealing your hotspots and a path to reduction.
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Stakeholder Alignment

Empowering you to work with suppliers, customers and banks to set and achieve sustainability targets and transition your supply chains to the net-zero economy.
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Automated Tracking

Seamlessly track and report your emissions reductions. Assess progress and evaluate the impact of low-carbon procurement decisions.
CarbonChain’s detailed carbon accounting has enabled us to define a clear path forward for our supply chains within the energy transition.
Elsa Pernot,
Group HSEC Director, Gunvor Group
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