Spring Product Release: Introducing CarbonChain Comply

CarbonChain News | April 9, 2024

As the economy rewires for a low-carbon future, CarbonChain empowers some of the world’s largest commodity traders and manufacturers to take control – by measuring and reporting their emissions with accuracy, and building decarbonization strategies. 

Unlike ‘one size fits all’ platforms, CarbonChain is purpose-built for energy and metals supply chains, and builds up a complete picture of emissions from the transaction level using activity-based emission factors.  

Today, we’re excited to introduce three major updates under our latest product, CarbonChain Comply:

  • Carbon Reporting Hub Manage every mandatory and voluntary reporting requirement in one place.
  • CBAM Compliance — Easily satisfy the European Union (EU) Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) reporting requirements with a new set of features for aluminum, steel, iron and fertilizer importers.
  • Supplier Engagement Module — Exchange data with suppliers via a dedicated supplier page and set of streamlined workflows.
Manufacturers and traders are overwhelmed by the complex landscape of carbon reporting, and the inconsistencies across frameworks and requirements. The industries that are facing some of the biggest challenges from carbon disclosure don’t have enough clarity on how and what to report.

We’re changing that today. With CarbonChain Comply, our customers will know exactly what’s expected of them — and be able to do it with confidence.
Adam Hearne, CEO and Co-founder (CarbonChain)

Introducing the Carbon Reporting Hub

Image depicting example aluminium coil product carbon footprint report, demo of one-stop carbon reporting software taking automated emissions reporting to the next level of speed and ease with accurate Scopes 1-3 and supply chain carbon calculations

Sustainability leaders face mounting carbon reporting requests from customers, banks and regulators. CarbonChain’s Carbon Reporting Hub is the new, enhanced mission control to streamline and satisfy these disclosure requests. 

Auto-generate gold standard reports in just a few clicks:

  • Product carbon footprint generator With a smart simplified flow, users can easily create, save and export product carbon footprints.
  • Corporate carbon footprint generator CarbonChain’s Scope 1-3 corporate carbon footprint reports are aligned with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol using a methodology independently validated by SGS. Report with ease and confidence, for regulations in your jurisdiction (e.g. EU CSRD, UK SECR, US SEC and Singapore’s upcoming rules) and for voluntary frameworks like CDP.

CBAM Compliance

CBAM reporting software for quaterly decaration, tracking supplier responses and data
CarbonChain Comply: EU CBAM customs declaration validation and CBAM XML declaration generator

The EU CBAM has forced a whole new set of reporting requirements onto companies that import aluminum, steel, iron or fertilizers into the EU. CarbonChain’s CBAM reporting flow makes it easy for affected businesses to stay on top of these rules and avoid financial penalties. 

  • CBAM declaration validation — Users can upload their customs declaration data directly to the platform and receive real-time validation.
  • Automated XML generation — Users can automatically generate XML files to submit their declarations, either with default values or primary supplier data. 
“CarbonChain's efficient solution to CBAM reporting not only met our declaration needs but also helped educate our team, removed manual workload and prepared us for future reporting periods.”

– Oxana Dyupina, Compliance Officer, Steelforce Group

Supplier Engagement Module

CarbonChain Comply: Supplier module, supplier data request, and supplier data upload

Gathering supplier data has become imperative under the EU CBAM, while many sustainability leaders have already been looking to work with their suppliers more broadly to improve the accuracy of their product lifecycle and Scope 3 emissions calculations.

CarbonChain’s new supplier engagement module is designed for importers to easily engage with their suppliers and collect primary data for CBAM disclosure and the module is being extended to allow users to collect data for product carbon footprint emissions. 

  • Supplier data request — Users can send bulk requests to their suppliers for CBAM data (their ‘communication summary sheets’) and track responses. 
  • Supplier data validation — Suppliers can securely log into CarbonChain via magic link (a password-less authentication method), upload their communication summary sheets, and receive real-time validation of their data. 

Even more upgrades for sustainability leaders

As well as the launch of CarbonChain Comply, the Spring Release includes a number of additional upgrades to further empower our customers in their carbon reporting:

  • Learn module — Users will have exclusive access to a set of learning resources to help them maximize their experience on the CarbonChain platform. This includes a set of resources they can share with suppliers to collaborate on CBAM disclosure.
  • Redesigned product carbon footprints (PCFs) — PCFs now easily print across two pages, and the content has been updated to enhance readability. 
  • API integration - Customers can now choose to deliver data directly to CarbonChain and receive our gold standard emissions calculations back into their systems via API. This enables faster data delivery and increased access and visibility of critical emissions information within users’ organisations.  

Ready to take control of your carbon reporting?

CarbonChain Comply is more than just a compliance tool; it's a catalyst for sustainability leadership, so you can stay competitive and future-proof your business. 

By streamlining and simplifying carbon disclosure, companies can allocate more time and resources to meaningful decarbonization efforts and innovation – while managing rising carbon prices and tapping into low-carbon demand.

The demand for transparent and accurate carbon disclosure is greater than ever. Navigate your journey with ease and confidence, with CarbonChain Comply.

“CarbonChain enables us to show customers precisely how our products perform, and inform the development of our own emissions reduction targets and strategies.”

– Vincenzo Zinni, CEO, Niche Fusina Rolled Products

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