CBAM Declaration Generator

Get a sample of your CBAM declaration XML file, in just a few clicks.

Auto-generate a sample EU CBAM emissions declaration, to help you meet the upcoming reporting deadlines (31st January, 30th April, 31st July 2024).

Generate your sample CBAM XML declaration

How to use?

Use the sample XML as a foundation to complete your CBAM declaration.

  • The automatic output report provides you with emissions estimates and generates a sample of information for CBAM declarations in the correct XML file format.
  • Declarants need to finalize this sample report with additional customs and supply chain information before submitting it to the European Commission portal. CarbonChain accepts no responsibility or liability for users who choose to submit the report in its sample state.

Get in touch to access CarbonChain's end-to-end CBAM platform and generate your official, submission-ready declaration.

Which emissions data should a CBAM declaration XML include?

  • To comply with the EU CBAM reporting requirements in the transitional period, declarants can either use the European Commission’s official default values or primary installation-specific values from their suppliers. 
  • Default values may only be used until July 31st 2024. After this date, primary installation data must be used for reporting purposes. In certain instances, declarants can submit their report with emissions data that has been calculated or estimated by other approved means until 31st December 2024. If you do obtain primary installation data, you may go back and amend your first two CBAM reports up to 31st July 2024.
  • While default values are acceptable for the first reporting deadline, CarbonChain strongly recommends that declarants start using primary installation-specific data as soon as possible in their CBAM reporting. This is because suppliers need to implement their emissions monitoring methodologies as soon as possible, to ensure they can send you primary data when this becomes mandatory after 31st July 2024.

Where does the emissions data in this sample CBAM declaration come from?

CarbonChain’s sample CBAM declaration generator ("FreeBAM") uses the European Commission's official default values.

Disclaimer: This free XML report ("FreeBAM") is a sample. In its sample state, it should not be considered compliant with the European Commission’s CBAM reporting requirements and should not be submitted as a declarant's official report without further finalization. Get in touch for support and software to complete your official declaration.

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