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CarbonChain to open NYC location, hiring suite of new roles

30 November 2022, London, UK

We're proud to announce the opening of a new office in New York City in early 2023, as a result of the continued growth and demand for CarbonChain’s services. 

We’re looking for exceptional sales leaders, data scientists, engineers and carbon accountants to join us in expanding and supporting our customer base in the region. 

From our headquarters in London, UK, our rapidly growing team has served major companies and financial institutions in the global commodities, trade finance and manufacturing sectors. Our carbon accounting software is used by the likes of Societe Generale, ING, IXM and Rabobank to track, report and manage their GHG emissions. 

New and changing USA carbon regulations are accelerating the need for organizations to disclose their emissions and protect their supply chains from climate risk. From SEC reporting rules, to the Federal Suppliers Climate Risks and Resilience Rule, to the transition opportunities created by the Inflation Reduction Act, the time to embed carbon accounting into business is now. 

This makes NYC a critical touchpoint for CarbonChain to help customers in industry and finance comply with regulation, reduce emissions and access related business benefits. 

We’re focusing on the really hard climate change problems: the sources of 80% of global emissions. Backed by top climate investors, and with a diverse and talented team, our most exciting projects lie ahead. If you’d like to be part of our journey, explore and apply for one of our NYC-based roles: 

image-2“CarbonChain combines deep industry knowledge, data science, and machine learning to build cutting-edge technology that helps decarbonize the world’s most polluting supply chains. If you want to apply your sales, product or data expertise to tackling climate change, there’s never been a better time to join our team.”Adam Hearne, CEO and Co-founder, CarbonChain


“Joining CarbonChain means learning loads of new tech, building an amazing product and working with super smart people every day.”Georgie Mansell, Data Scientist, CarbonChain



“If you care about making a difference in the transition to a low carbon economy and want to apply your carbon accounting skills to work on an exciting climate tech product, CarbonChain is the place for you. The ever-growing team is a great place to learn and develop skills that will enhance the downstream effect of your work!”Jessica Boekhoff, Carbon Emissions Analyst, CarbonChain

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CEO and Co-Founder, CarbonChain