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Roheet Shah

CarbonChain accredited as a CDP solutions provider

14 November 2022

CDP_ASP_2023_REDWe’re proud to announce that CarbonChain has once again gained accreditation from CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) as a software solutions provider. 

CarbonChain is committed to improving accuracy and comprehensiveness in corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting, in line with the GHG Protocol. Measuring environmental impacts and risks is the crucial first step in taking effective corporate climate action. 

Today, nearly 20,000 companies, representing half of global market capitalization, disclose through CDP, which is aligned with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). More financial institutions, suppliers and policymakers than ever are requesting companies to report their environmental data. 

Adam Hearne (CEO, CarbonChain) said:

“CDP is the world’s gold standard for environmental disclosure, which is now a business norm. CarbonChain’s software helps fill the critical data gap for complex commodity supply chain emissions, helping the entire value chain (traders, manufacturers, producers, financiers) to track, report and tackle their emissions with precision” 

Paul Robins (Global Head of Programs, CDP) said:

“We are delighted to welcome CarbonChain on board as a CDP silver software solutions provider in the UK. CarbonChain supports companies and financial institutions to calculate their supply chain and portfolio emissions, so they can comprehensively report them and take data-led climate action."

This follows news of the third-party verification and validation of CarbonChain’s carbon accounting methodology.

How can CarbonChain support your CDP disclosure?

automates your most complex carbon accounting needs, filling critical data gaps in your GHG emissions inventory for CDP reporting, such as:

  • Commodity supply chain emissions from end-to-end (mine to port and beyond)
  • Individual asset emissions in metals, mining and energy
  • Supplier emissions and supplier screening to find lower-carbon options
  • Logistics emissions
Picture of Yoanna Boncheva
Lead Sustainability Analyst, CarbonChain
Picture of Roheet Shah
COO and Co-Founder, CarbonChain