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CarbonChain for
Commodity Traders

The carbon accounting platform for your global trade supply chain

Uncover your carbon risk

Stay competitive and resilient in a rapidly changing market

The climate emergency is set to fundamentally transform the global commodities market. Commodity trading faces significant risks, from stranded assets to carbon regulation — as well as opportunities, from green finance to rising demand for low-carbon products.

CarbonChain prepares you to withstand the coming climate shock.

Our carbon accounting platform measures the carbon footprint of your extractive and agricultural commodity trade portfolio and automates your emissions tracking, so you can pinpoint your riskiest supply chains, access green finance, and demonstrate leadership for a net-zero economy.

How CarbonChain helps you

Get the data you need for the net-zero transition

Our carbon accounting platform uncovers your most critical carbon hotspots so you can reduce emissions while ensuring business resilience.

We’ve built a platform tailored for the industry.

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Accurate, asset-level insights

Quantify and break down the carbon footprint of your trades. Get comprehensive, asset-level emissions data in near real-time for the end-to-end supply chain. Pinpoint risks, screen assets (from mines to vessels), and uncover opportunities for targeted, tangible emissions reductions.

Seize financial and leadership opportunities

Give stakeholders accurate, auditable, and certified emissions reports that they can trust, and access green finance for lower-carbon trades. Gain sustainability leadership recognition through disclosure, supply chain collaboration, and quantified target-setting.

Get ahead of regulation

Track your trade emissions over time with our AI-powered, automated platform. Foresee risks, prepare for legislation, avoid penalties, and measure the impact of green sourcing strategies and offsets. We reduce the burden of data collection and analysis, so you can fulfill requirements and future-proof your business.

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Why take action?

Prepare for a rapidly changing market

To meet our urgent global climate goals and reach net-zero by 2050, it’s critical to decarbonize commodity supply chains.

To help get there — and to tackle black boxes of unknown risks — commodity traders need to measure and manage their supply chain emissions.

The transition to a net-zero economy is already underway. As the biggest emitters on the planet, the extractive and agriculture industries are at the highest risk of disruption, facing significant regulatory, financial and reputational risks.

Shocks in one area of the commodity value chain have a knock-on effect throughout. To prepare and stay resilient in the net-zero transition, commodity traders need to take responsibility for their supply chain emissions from end to end.

Manage risk

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Access to trade finance

Banks are increasing the cost of capital for carbon-intensive business, with higher loan interest rates for high-carbon trades. As climate legislation and portfolio net-zero targets in the finance sector increase, traders need to demonstrate awareness and action on carbon risks.

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The cost of carbon

Commodity trading faces major risks with the spread of carbon regulation, the rising price of carbon, and a potential sharp decline in extraction and production — from stranded assets to a hike in the cost of business-as-usual.

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Reputation and legislation

Banks, buyers, policymakers, and civil society are increasingly expecting transparency and action in high-emitting sectors. Increasing media scrutiny brings heavy reputational risks, and more legislation is on the horizon, such as G7-backed mandatory disclosure.

CarbonChain helps you tame the complexity of ESG regulation and mitigate risks early by measuring, understanding, and managing your emissions.

Seize opportunities

Commodity traders will need to prepare for the shocks of a rapidly changing market. But by raising your ambition even higher, the transition to net-zero can go further, faster — with business benefits for first movers:

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Sustainability leadership

Aim for ESG leadership by innovating with suppliers to decarbonize, and join the companies reaping the benefits of voluntary disclosure. With accurate data, use offsets credibly under increased scrutiny.

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Green products

Access discounted interest rates from lenders by managing and reporting your climate risk, respond to the demand for low-carbon products, and secure green suppliers before increased demand creates a market premium.

By quantifying and tackling the carbon footprint of your trades, you're future-proofing your business.

CarbonChain lets you automate your trade portfolio emissions tracking, with unrivaled accuracy and asset-level, time-sensitive insights.

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The CarbonChain process

How it works

Upload your data

Upload your supply chain documentation (essential information only) or submit your asset screening request. We set you up on our platform, fast.

Get your footprint and insights

CarbonChain turns your supply chain information into a detailed, accurate emissions report and risk analysis, with the help of our comprehensive, granular emissions database and AI-powered automation. 

Track and progress

Our cloud-based, cost-effective platform integrates into your team's existing workflow and automates your ongoing carbon accounting, so you can track progress and use the data for reporting and target-setting. 


As Gunvor continues to accurately measure and adequately address its emissions impact, CarbonChain’s detailed carbon accounting has enabled us to define a clear path forward for our supply chains within the Energy Transition.

Elsa Pernot Group HSEC Director, Gunvor

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Supporting the migration to resource transparent supply chains is a priority for Concord. We are pleased to move in this direction and aim to create a standard for transparency in carbon emissions reporting by partnering with CarbonChain and its team of experts.

Mark Hansen CEO, Concord Resources Limited

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