Track your entire supply chain carbon footprint

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Prepare for the net-zero transition

Manage your supply chain emissions from end to end

Track your carbon footprint automatically, in real time, from verified sources. Uncover your true carbon emissions faster, accurately, and manage them better.

  • Get highly accurate carbon data for every trade, lifecycle or asset, whether mine, rig or wind farm
  • Receive scope 1, 2 and 3 calculations for your corporate emissions reporting
  • Benchmark your performance and set KPIs
  • Offset with accuracy, meet targets, and share progress with stakeholders 


Our methodology is aligned with global standards like the GHG Protocol

It's time for action

Future-proof your business for the green economy

The climate emergency is set to fundamentally transform the global commodities market. There are significant risks (from stranded assets to carbon regulation), as well as opportunities (from green finance to rising demand for low-carbon products).

Start automating your emissions tracking, to seize opportunities and mitigate risks early.



Time-sensitive, asset-level insights

Measure your carbon footprint across your operations, trade flows, and upstream and downstream supply chains.

Pinpoint carbon risks, screen assets, and reveal opportunities to reduce emissions.

Stay competitive

Give customers and investors accurate, auditable, and certifiable emissions reports that they can trust.

Gain competitive advantage with verifiably low-carbon products.

Plan for future resilience

Track progress towards climate targets on CarbonChain's AI-powered, automated platform.

Measure the impact of carbon pricing, green sourcing strategies, and offsets.


How it works

Upload your data

Upload your product, supply chain and customer documentation (only the essentials). We set you up on our platform, fast.

Get your carbon insights

View your complete emissions report and risk analysis.

Track and progress

The platform integrates into your existing workflow to automate your ongoing carbon accounting.

Start tracking

Submit your details to create your account

Submit the form to unlock your access to the platform.

The CarbonChain team will contact you to set up an onboarding session. 

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